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Jul. 8th, 2010 @ 02:51 am Let's talk... Since we have until I'm dead
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Hello... Long time strange silence broken. Welcome back to my mind. It's become a war zone of madness or genius, and life has been an epic tale of small miracles and chance encounters. The stories I have to tell are incredible and I have things to show you again. I may have my first book soon. You might find it surprising. I've been working on a coloring book. So excited. Been editing. Have years of writing to go over.

So to the point. The whole, disorganized, random, crazy thing, known as my life, is seriously getting overhauled. I am tired of the "fuck it", mentality. I hate how lazy I have become. I need to be just as active as I am, a little more productively. I need to rejoin the human race of people with minds, as opposed to the world of people trying forget they have them.

Time, is the most important thing anyone has, and I am planning on using mine better. It really pisses me off when people waste my time because I will never get anymore of it. So the whole scheduling life phase of my life has begun. I've been using boatloads of time studying bullshit I shouldn't have to know to, but I don't have the money, to pay a crapload of people, the money to do the bullshit work for me so...

I really need to become like an evil villain of corporate banker status. That is the only way I am ever going to finish any kind of a novel. And the words comic book seem like a follow up to a coloring book, so... I'm thinking of finding a background artist, and a people artist, doing some rough sketches, and seeing where the hell that leads.

In case anyone was wondering, I am in the process of recording not one, but two Cd's? Yep. "Angry Mediation" as it is currently known, is a cd's length of material mostly written by the lead guitarist of Questionable Divinity, and "Forgotten Prophecies" is some of my better material written over the years. We should have at least a demo of "The writing on the wall" and "can't take it" before august. And that's if murphy's law happens. I have plans to record my guitar part tomorrow afternoon. 6 ish.

If you know a drummer, let me know... Flaky musicians need not apply. Look, music is the most over worked money whore since at least the day America was founded, if not the dawn of time. So let's face it, I want to get paid to make it. Is that so terrible? I need a stable drummer like you wouldn't believe.

Sooooo Ummmmm Yeah Thanks Hope You Had Fun But Today's Presentation Is Over

Tomorrow or whenever your reading

God Bless
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