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Apr. 14th, 2006 @ 03:39 pm Strangers in a foreign land
The battle was over
And blood laid scattered
Along the stretch of the street
But all of that was behind us now
Victorious over death, and death alone
We were the soldiers,
That might make it home

The buildings were dead
Some still soaked in flames
Strangers in a foreign land
We knew not the words
The survivors screamed
As they saw the damage done

Nothing we could do
We marched on ahead
Surrounded by an army
Of a thousand falling tears
Sadness in our souls
A soldier does as he is told

We neared the edge
Of this ruined village
When a child began to walk to us
A scared little girl
With tears in her 6 year old eyes
She wasn't ready to die
But a bomb was strapped to her chest
And her daddy was firm
God will only let you into heaven
If you walk up to them

She paused a moment to look back
Before running off to attack
She made it six feet from us
Before she too added to the stain
Left upon this foreign soil
I wonder if there will ever be
Enough tears in the world
To wash away the blood
Left by strangers
In this foreign land
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I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!