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May. 17th, 2006 @ 06:36 pm (no subject)
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Welcome back. It's been awhile since your last visit. This was of course by my own choosing, at least somewhat. I've meant to get on live journal, and ramble on about the tid bits of my life. I have flown an airplane, drank champagne, and been on countless little adventures merely to preoccupy the day. I've felt like crap for the last few days. I just couldn't get up in the morning. I forgot to call work. Two days in a row. Sleep however was good and is still on my to do more of list. I was injured at work recently. A fifty pound box fell on my head. My neck is kinda sucky on the right side and I still have a bit of a little knot on my head. I've been getting headaches. They are sending me to a doctor with really nifty specialty that I dare not even try to attempt to allow for spell check to even begin to hope to decipher. I've been popping in every now and then to see my Great Aunt May. My Great Uncle is still in recovery from surgery. The 9 year old girl checking me out at McDonald's was really freaky. Too many 16 year old girls just keep popping out of the woodwork to check me out. No Good. Well......

Later Daze
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